Arc Flash Hazard/Coordination Study & Safety Training

An arc flash is an explosion caused by an unintentional electrical phase to ground or phase to phase interconnection. This event releases a tremendous amount of energy in the form of heat, toxic fumes, pressure & sound waves and blinding light. The explosion can result in critical burns, serious injury and even death. An arc flash study of the electrical system of a facility is critical to the safety of an employer’s personnel working on or near exposed energized equipment. IMA Industrial Contractors’ ability to perform an arc flash study using the latest modeling software and data collection procedures according to IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E Standards helps keep you compliant with OSHA Regulations along with providing onsite safety training tailored to the customers’ needs and requirements.

Arc Flash Assessment

An Arc Flash/ Arc Blast, is the sudden release of electrical energy through the air, which can create extreme intense heat, blinding light, bone crushing pressure waves and deafening sound waves that can result in serious injuries or even death. The treatment cost of one arc flash can exceed $1,000,000.00 plus possible OSHA fines, potential litigation fees, escalated insurance cost and loss of production.

An Arc Flash analysis is critical to the safety of your facility and employees who work on or near exposed live parts. Many companies offer this service, but few offer a complete analysis with such extensive expertise. A complete top-notch safety program not only includes an Arc Flash analysis, but also incorporates practical training for personnel. IMA Industrial Contractors can provide every aspect form the analysis to training and beyond.

OSHA Part 1910.132(d)(1) – “The Employer shall assess the workplace to determine if hazards are present, or are likely to be present, which necessitate the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). “

OSHA Part 1910.132 (d)(1)(I) – “Select, and have each affected employee use, the types of PPE that will protect the affected employee from the hazards identified in the hazard assessment; “

OSHA Part 1910.132(d)(2) – “The employer shall verify that the workplace hazard assessment has been performed through a written certification that: identifies the workplace evaluated; the person certifying that the evaluation has been performed; the date(s) of the hazard assessment; and which identified the document as a certification of hazard assessment.”

OSHA Part 1910.335(1)(I) – “Employees working in areas where there are potential electrical hazards shall be provided with, and shall use, electrical protective equipment that is appropriate..”

NFPA 70E-2004, Part II, 2-1.3.3 states that a flash hazard analysis must be performed in order to determine the level of hazard and appropriate PPE for given tasks.

Do You Know the Qualifications of the Firm that is Providing Your Facility's Arc Flash Analysis?

Ask a few simple Questions before you decide on a firm to perform an Arc Flash Analysis. It could be the very question that saves your or an employee’s life.

  1. Does any member of the firm serve on an NFPA or IEEE committee that deals with electrical Safety?
  2. Does the firm have electrical engineers on staff or and affiliation with an electrical engineering firm who will provide engineering review?
  3. Can the firm provide certificates of insurance including professional errors & omissions coverage?
  4. Does the firm conduct onsite review of all electrical equipment and the electrical characteristics?
  5. Does the firm investigate possible breaker setting or fuse changes to minimize the exposure hazard?
  6. Does the firm actually install Arc Flash/Incident Energy Labels or do they mail/ship them and your employees are responsible for installing?
  7. Does the firm provide accurate and verified one-line drawings of the electrical system? Does it showing the incident energy levels at the designated locations? Will the firm provide updates?
  8. How many years has the firm been in business in the electrical field? Do they have 50 years of experience or 5 years of experience 10 times?
  9. Does the firm provide NFPA 70E and safety training?
  10. How many personal injury accidents, including fatalities, has the firm investigated?
  11. Who will tell an injured employee’s family the employee won’t be coming home because the label was wrong?

When it comes to employee safety and OSHA compliance it is much more complicated than just checking the box saying you have had an Arc Flash Analysis done. Remember the old saying: “You get what you pay for.” is more like “If you don’t pay for it, you won’t get it!”

Do You Know The Hazard That Lurks in Your Facility's Electrical System?

Knowing that your facility has the best electrical safety plan is vital to the safety of your facility’s maintenance staff and outside contractors. OSHA is enforcing ever more strictly Arc Flash safety and compliance. With fines, for non-compliance, reaching 100’s of thousands of dollars. IMA Industrial Contractors has the expertise and experience to determine the level of Arc Flash hazard your employees are exposed to and the capability to analysis and make recommendations to reduce the hazard where possible. By not performing an Arc Flash analysis your facility may not be compliant with industry safety standards and placing maintenance personnel in harm’s way without the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required by OSHA 1910 Sub Part S. It is paramount that you address your Arc Flash Safety Program if you answer “No” or “Not Sure” to any of the questions below.