Infrared Technology

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermographic imaging is one of the most cost-effective predictive maintenance tools available. The cost of a through inspection will be paid for many times over by the elimination of one failure. Some Insurance Companies give rate reductions for clients who have Infrared inspections conducted annually.


  • Reduction of Unexpected Failures.
  • Reduced Lost Production.
  • Identify Areas Needing Preventive Maintenance.
  • Ability to Repair Problems Rather Than Rebuilding After Failure.
  • Extend Life Of Equipment.

Infrared Inspection Advantages

Having a proactive maintenance program can save thousands of dollars each year, through production time reliability and less costly repairs. Infrared thermography plays a key role in a proactive maintenance program. Infrared inspections can reduce typical visual examinations and tedious manual inspections, which can overlook and miss weak or fatigued components. Also with infrared thermography one can detect internal components, which may be going bad, such as internal contacts of motor starters, circuit breakers and lighting contactors.

Infrared inspections are reliable, accurate, and expedient to use in a variety of electrical and mechanical installations. The use of infrared thermography will enhance your maintenance program by locating potential problems before they can shut down the operations of your facility. Infrared inspections may also be used to evaluate previous repair work and also proof test new installations prior to warranty periods running out.

Regularly scheduled infrared inspections will often require the readjustment of your maintenance priorities, as well as detect trends in equipment performance.

More important, infrared thermography can be relatively inexpensive considering the savings realized by preventing equipment damage and facility interruptions.


IMA Industrial Contractors utilizes state-of-art thermal imaging equipment and software to provide the highest level of predictive and preventative maintenance solutions. Through thermal imaging our Certified Thermographers can determine the condition of a facility’s electrical equipment, which include; Switchboards, Panels, Disconnects, Motor Control Centers and Motors. Thermal imaging can determine proper motor alignment to prevent premature failure of bearings and couplings. Process piping and mechanical systems can also be inspected for potential problems.

Electrical Infrared Images

Problems In A Facility’s Electrical System Undetectable By The Human Eye.

Fusible Disconnect
Circuit Breaker Connection
High Voltage Utility Fuse Clip
High Voltage Utility Connection
High Voltage Utility Termination
Secondary Transformer Bushing

Mechanical Infrared Images

Let IMA Industrial Contractors Provide Infrared Scanning Of Your Mechanical Systems To Ensure Reliability.

Weak Point in Process Piping
Process Pump Motor Bearing Failing
Weak Points in Process Duct-Work
Process Duct Leaking Under Insulation
Vessel Weakening


Premier, Concise, Detailed Reporting Provides Your Maintenance Staff With The Information Needed To Make Necessary Repairs In A Timely Manner.

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IMA Industrial Contractors provides premier reports, which are detailed but yet simple to understand. All reports are provided in both print form and on CD ROM, at no additional cost to the customer.