IMA Industrial Contractors furnishes all types and sizes of generators both new and used and can also provide the customer with a turnkey installation and start-up.

Surge Protective Devices (SPD’s)

Every office, manufacturing or industrial facility using computers, telecommunications equipment, process logic controls (PLC’s) or other types of electronic equipment is vulnerable to Surges, Spikes and Transients which will damage or cause equipment to malfunction.

IMA Industrial Contractors carries a complete product line of SPD’s to mitigate these conditions and protect your sensitive equipment.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

There are three (3) basic types of UPS’s:

Online-An online UPS provides power to the load equipment through the UPS continuously, thus there is no switching to battery when electrical power is lost. Typically Online UPS’s are more costly but they are more reliable.

Standby-A standby UPS is off-line and switches to battery back-up within a short period of time when electrical power is lost. Standby UPS’s are lower cost, however do not offer good protection for critical processes or sensitive equipment. These are typically the types of UPS’s which are sold through computer/electronic and department stores.

Line Interactive-A line interactive UPS is a hybrid, which combines a power conditioner with a UPS and bi-directional inverter. During normal operation, AC power passes through a power conditioner which helps stabilize the voltage during power sags and swells and then switches to battery when the power goes below an internal preset point.

Power Conditioner Equipment

Power conditioners are used when a facility’s voltage is continuously unstable. Unstable voltage is a period when the operating (normal) voltage either sags or swells outside the parameters of the equipments operating range. If the operating voltage sags equipment will shut down and stop the work flow. If the operating voltage swells equipment can be damaged. Most power conditioners will maintain a consistent output voltage even when the input voltage drops (sags) 15% or rises (swells) 25%.