IMA Industrial Contractors provides a complete program for solving power quality problems in any environment, including but not limited to Offices, Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities, Medical Facilities, Data & Telecommunication Centers, Cell Phone Networking Sites as well as Technology Facilities.

Power Quality Assessment

Power quality problems are any deviation in the electrical power that results in the failure or mis-operation of the customer’s equipment. These problems can either be internal or external of a facility; however 80% of all power problems are created internally.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermographic inspections are one of the most cost-effective predictive and preventative maintenance tools available. The cost of a thorough inspection will be paid for many times over by the elimination of one failure. Some Insurance Companies give rate reductions for clients who have Infrared inspections conducted annually.

Electrical & Grounding Testing and Design

Grounding of the electrical system(s) is the least understood, however is one of, if not the most important part of the electrical system. Just grounding to the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) is not adequate for the proper operation of today’s electronic micro-processor based equipment. The root of the majority of power quality problems is poor grounding techniques and designs.

Other Electrical testing, which IMA Industrial Contractors specializes in includes; low voltage and high voltage cable assurance, Hi-Pot Testing, transformer testing and electrical distribution equipment assessment.

Circuit Breaker Testing & Repair

One of the requirements to having a safe reliable electrical system is to test and verify the operation of overcurrent protection equipment which includes circuit breakers. Most manufactures of circuit breakers recommend periodic testing, cleaning and servicing of circuit breakers. This requirement varies between different manufactures and is also based on how critical the facilities operation and the environment of where the circuit breaker and associated equipment are installed. IMA Industrial Contractors has the trained staff and equipment to perform both primary and secondary current injection testing of all manufactures of circuit breakers and the ability to repair most types of large draw-out circuit breakers.

Hi-Pot Testing

Performance based testing to ensure the integrity and proper termination of Medium and High Voltage cables up to 65,000 volts (65Kv).


Performance based testing to ensure the integrity of conductor insulation in facility wiring systems, transformers, motors and other types of electrical equipment.

Data & Telephone Cable Testing & Certifying

Performance based testing to ensure integrity and parity of high speed data cabling including Cat 5, 5e, 6, 6e and others along with telephone system cabling.

Start-Up Testing & Commissioning

Review and certifying along with performance based testing of new or retrofitted electrical equipment including but not limited electrical switchgear, switchboards, transformers, automatic transfer switches along with other types of electrical apparatus.